Vehicle Types

What vehicles can we repair? The better question is what vehicles can’t we repair? The answer? None.

Every vehicle is priceless to its owner and so every vehicle on the road is a potential Dent Kraft customer. Plus, we’re proud to offer 20 years of expertise in repairing luxury, classic and muscle cars.

No matter what your car’s worth may be, Dent Kraft prides itself on maintaining that value and your peace of mind. Our work saves the integrity of your original finish and therefore, your vehicle’s resale value.
Most door dings, creases and hail damage don’t damage paint surfaces and are great prospects for PDR. A body shop will typically just repair the dent with filler, sand it smooth and then repaint the dented area as well as much of the surrounding area. Repainting your vehicle will likely depreciate its value. Paintless dent repairs by Dent Kraft maintains the value. Plus insurance companies prefer PDR services and we work with all insurance companies.

We’ll work on any vehicle, but our specialties include:

• Porsche
• Muscle cars
• Classic cars
• Motorcycles
• Exotic Sports cars

“I’m a very meticulous individual, but your pursuit of perfection even exceeds mine. I’ve had several comments on how good the car looks, one even believed that the vehicle was new!” -Thomas H. Alt, Jr.