Body Line Repair

Think Dent Kraft PDR is just for hoods, trunks and doors? Think again.

Gone are the days of taking your vehicle to a traditional body shop, making an insurance claim and waiting a week to have your car returned. Dent Kraft uses the same precise and guaranteed process for hoods, trunks and doors as for body lines – saving you time, money and headache.

Once irreparable through the PDR process, Dent Kraft now offers yet another breakthrough in the art of dent removal. We can repair and remove body line dents on aluminum and metal using our environmentally-safe, proprietary tools. For 100% removal, Dent Kraft is your only local resource

Dent Kraft can work on all of your panels of your car, no exception. We’ll even list it out for you.

• Hoods
• Roofs
• Trunks
• Doors
• Fenders
• Quarters

“I am thoroughly impressed with the work you did, not to mention the cost savings and hassles over taking such work to an auto body shop.” -Kevin T. Reilly