Aluminum Repair

Most say aluminum can’t be repaired through paintless processes. We say differently.

We are experts at repairing aluminum damage. Although this soft metal is more difficult and takes longer to repair than traditional metals, it can be completed using our precise PDR techniques for this specific material and utilizing our most experienced technicians.

Various results are not the Dent Kraft way. We guarantee our work and pride ourselves on being able to access 95% of a vehicle’s body versus 60-80% for most other PDR services.

Most hoods and trunks are made of aluminum, so if it’s hail damage repair you’re looking for, choose Dent Kraft – the best and one of the only PDR services to restore it.

“If you have any dents in your vehicle as a result of hail damage or anything else, these are the folks to use. The process and results are incredible.” -Jim Jaeckels