Damage Types

If there’s damage, chances are, we can repair it.

Dent Kraft can work on all of your panels of your car, no exception. We repair creases, body line dents, large-scale dents, door dings and hail damage.

Our process involves accurately applying pressure to the backside of the dent with special, proprietary tools – we call it the Art of Leverage. It’s very meticulous work – a dent takes only a second to create, but takes thousands of well placed pokes behind the dent to repair. A quarter-size dent might take 30-40 minutes where a basketball size dent might take 3-6 hours – either is a lot faster and cheaper to repair than the typical body shop repair process.

That said, some larger-scale damage is beyond PDR capabilities, but stop by for an inspection and we’ll let you know for sure. You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain

Specifically, Dent Kraft can repair:

• Hoods
• Roofs
• Trunks
• Doors
• Fenders
• Quarters

“Thank you very much. You did an absolutely beautiful job on my car!” -Paul Magers (former KARE 11 News Anchor)