Brand New Again- With Collision Repair

When you are involved in an accident there are several new concerns you now have to deal with. One of these priorities is getting your car to look as it did before the collision. Finding an experienced, trustworthy and affordable auto repair shop is very important to complete this task.  Dent Kraft offers the experience and performance needed to get the job done right as quickly as possible.

Any car owner that wants to keep their vehicle looking nice will fix dents immediately, however many people often do not want to hassle with bringing in a car for minor dents or repairs. However one area of damage you do not want to wait to bring into the shop is framework.

A bent frame is a major concern to any car owner since commonly people believe that once a frame is bent the car will be permanently changed. However with Dent Kraft as your Minnesota collision repair shop your car can be fixed like new again. We offer the newest techniques and use cutting edge technology to offer the best repair possible.

Although fender benders and dings are not time sensitive to repair since they do not affect the way a car drives, they devalue your car and make your car not look as nice driving down Minneapolis roads. At Dent Kraft our shop offers advancedt painting facilities and can handle several jobs at a time, therefore our customers do not have to wait several days to get their car back.

When taking your car into any shop make sure to go somewhere you trust. Check out their work repairing dents on other cars to know they have the experience to back what they say. To view a photo gallery of a sampling of our work click here.