When Should You Use Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

There are a few different ways to remove a dent on your vehicle, one great method is using paintless dent removal(PDR) or with the help of an auto body shop. This decision should be based on the size/shape of the dent or damage incurred by the vehicle. If the paint of the vehicle is not damaged and the dent is a smaller one, then without doubt PDR is the best choice. However if your dent is pretty severe and the paint is scratched off in areas you may want to consult an auto body shop for what option they recommend.

Advantages of choosing PDR

When you choose PDR there are several great benefits to this technique. One benefit is that you will get the same brand new factory look as if the dent never happened. Secondly, the costs involved in PDR are much less than a body shop repair charges. Also a great advantage of PDR is how quickly it works. Your car will not be held up for long, often you will get it back in just a few hours.

Technique of PDR

Special tools like stainless steel rods and hammers are used in the technique of paintless dent repair. In this procedure, the dent is gently massaged from the opposite side to make it regain its old shape.

Misconceptions about PDR

The process of PDR is an art that requires years of practice to attain perfection. 99% of the dents are removed through the traditional way of pushing out the dent. Many think that the dents are removed by sucking it out. Pulling techniques are used to some extent, but those cannot be executed without the required and correct professional tools, which are seldom used. People at home try to replicate this technique by using items like dry ice or other bazaar techniques, however these do not have a high success rate to fix the dent.

Restricted services of PDR

It is important to identify the type of dent before using PDR technique on it. This can be determined by asking questions like:
1)    Has the paint has been scratched, cracked, or partly missing?
2)    Did the dent occur from a crash?
3)    Is the dent deep or just a minor visible scratch?
Depending on the answers for these questions helps determine if PDR is the best choice for your dent removal. If you answered no to the above questions PDR most likely is the best choice.

Cost involved in PDR

The price of removing the dent through PDR technique is decided based on severity and the size of the damage. The normal rate of a minor dent is around $100-$125 but this may go up depending on the damage.

Risks of using an unskilled technician

Several technicians may make the dent up to 80% disappear, but only a skilled technician will be able to remove it completely. The technician plays an inevitable role in the paintless dent removal process and the one that masters the art carries experience. Therefore it is recommended that you select an experienced technician that has removed various types of dents.

History of PDR

The history of PDR changes with every query regarding it. However, it is widely believed that the general PDR process was developed in Europe. It is believed that it was originated on new car assembly lines with the purpose of fixing dents that occurred in the plant without having to repaint the car in order to to save a considerable amount of time and money, which still holds true today!